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Automated guided vehicle with fast amortization and high performance

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Tech. Specifications


1.090 x 730 mm, 1.290 x 830 mm (für europalett) or
special body (available on request)
Loading platform:
Length: 1.070 mm, width: 700 mm, 1.200 x 800 mm or
special body (available on request)
Min. turnradius:
0.8 m (depends on dimensions)


180°: vehicle length+ ½ vehicle width
90°: after 1 vehicle length, 1 vehicle width (rear) stands on the opposite lane. after 5 vehicle lengths the AGV ist on the track
(dependent on dimensions of vehicle)

Vehicle weight:

110 kg

Battery capacity:
45 or 72 Ah; charging time: min. 6 hours
Length of journey before 30 % battery discharge:
Min. 16 hours
Max. velocity:
1 meter/second (only Germany); for other countries: please inquire about your countries specific regulations.
Load (500 kg) / self-weight (110 kg) = 4,5
Power consumption/weight-ratio
610 kg/3 A (ø) = 203 kg/A
Power input Motor:
2 x 200 Watt
Powerconsumption Motor:
Flat current: 0,5 Ampère; load curent: up to 6 Ampère;
1,5 Ampére at 220 kg load and 0,3 m/s
Electronic start control: Yes
Electronic curve control: Yes
automatic guidance:
optical; with adaption to environment brightness
directional stability:
± 0,5 cm
functional principle of automatic guidance: CCD-camera
Steering control: Siemens S7; camera und steering: S-Elektronik
GSM-capable (optional)
Mecahnical break: none
Break: via electr. motor
Safety devices:

Bumper front (300mm), on each side (12 mm)

Loading capacity:
up to 500 kg during vehicle operation
Wheel diameter:
200 mm
Environmental conditions:
Standard: + 3 degrees Celsius to + 30 degrees Celsius;
Deviating environmental conditions must be inquired from manufacturer, otherwise gaurantee expires.
Trailer operation:
Yes; trailer coupling (optional)
Trailer load (with optional coupling):
Max. 150 kg (extra load on inquiry))
Superstructure (optional): Insertable; various standard superstructures are available