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Automated guided vehicle with fast amortization and high performance

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Pedestrians and other vehicles
Operation together with forklifts and Pedestrians is possible. The security mechanism of the E-Menial can detect any Object.

The E-Menial has several modular intelligence upgrades and can be linked/integrated to any ERP-System.

Automatic Guidance
Automatic Guidance occurs optically. The anti-glare camera is fixed under the vehicle and is highly sensitive. Difference in brightness of the surface is automatically adjusted.

Direction of Motion, Right of Way Control
Standard: forward direction; optional: forward and reverse direction of motion
Standard: Ultrasound
Option: Right of Way Control with other vehicles (AGV and others)

Control / Steering
The movement specifications are programmed in a matrix using a Clientocontrol, allowing the E-Menial to target up to 1.000 Stations. Using a transponder (RFID), commands like "load" and "unload" can be sent to the Clientocontrol.
The E-Menial can be used world-wide and is maintainable via Remote-Control (modem)
Integration with PPS-System is possible.
Radio-controll via W-LAN or Blue-tooth. >>MORE

Automation of Loading and Unloading
Chain conveyors or conveyor belts can be added to automate transportation processes.

Battery Management
the battery management is especially sophisticated and allows for continuous running times of more that 16 hours a day. The charging of the battery can be automated, scheduled, or occur during a break.

Additional transportation capacities
The E-Menial can be equiped for trailer operation.
A number of different types of frames are available by default or customer request.