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Automated guided vehicle with fast amortization and high performance

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The E-Menial transports! - and your company saves money.
The E-Menial transports! - and your employees are more productive

For the E-Menial concept of handling company internal transportation in such an easy and cost-transparent way DENKHAUS received the Industry Prize for 2008.

Qualified employees push an pull heavy stocks, boxes, equipment and more from A to B. You say rarely? Sadly not.

This needs to stop; your productivity suffers and you lose money. The E-Menial is the answer to this problem, as it meets all requirement for a fast and effective results:

The E-Menial stands out:

    The E-Menial ist ready to go within minutes.
    Superb battery management for long operation times (> 16 h)
    high mechanical stability
    Sophisticated electrics for product life and smooth transportation
    Free Station selection with Clientocontrol
    Fast Amortisation due to low investment cost
    Attachement of standard or custom superstructure
    Automation of Loading and Unloading


Now that's an offer!